How to Level Up your Virtual Fundraiser 

Virtual fundraising works! We know this firsthand- last week the Shuttlecork Virtual Gala raised over 1 MILLION DOLLARS! We are going to share our secret formula to having a successful virtual fundraiser but first it is important to understand the basics about virtual fundraisers.

An important difference between regular fundraising galas and virtual events is attendees can watch from virtually anywhere, like YouTube, Facebook, or Zoom—making it convenient for your guests to attend all from the comfort of their own space. With no limit on the number of seats per table, the event element options are endless. This also means ROI is higher because there is lower overhead. Eliminate the cost of paying for a hotel ballroom and catering services and focus on the message! 

At Verducci Event Productions, we’re helping non-profits and cause-based organizations create virtual galas that share their mission, engage with their donors, and leverage virtual fundraising to achieve every goal and more. We love providing our clients effective ways to bring communities together in an engaging virtual environment.

Our process includes 4 steps:

  1. Grow proceeds by automating the giving process.
  2. Receive key data and reporting to track incoming funds to provide a clear picture of your efforts.
    • Two ways we recommend sharing data during a virtual fundraiser are by highlighting funds raised in real-time and sharing milestones and celebrating goals live. It is helpful to have a graphic on-screen showing the donations as they come in! It is encouraging to see others give and inspires the donations to keep rolling in!
  3. Improve donor relationships by creating a simple and straightforward giving opportunity.
    1. The best way to do this is by having an auctioneer or emcee narrate the giving process and explain what donations will be funding. Additionally, it is important to recognize donors for their contributions. 
  4. Expand your reach with anyone that has internet access, giving them ample opportunity to join your mission.
    • Marketing is key! Having “seats” filled is crucial to any fundraising event and a virtual event is no different. Make sure to send out email blasts, post to your social media and start a buzz about your event to ensure you will have attendees. At VEP, your success is our success- if requested we can share your event on our social media as well. Teamwork makes the dream work. 
    • “We definitely recommend Verducci Event Productions! We got a very good value for what we paid, and felt very comfortable that our event was in good hands. It was a relatively stress-free event, and we’ve been getting great feedback! I also appreciate that they mentioned our event on their own social media. That seemed like an extra touch that showed that they care. Thank you to the Verducci Event Productions team, and especially to Lawrence!” – Victoria, DCPLA