Why Your DJ is Your Most Important Wedding Vendor

Wedding dance floor lighting and stage set-up with screen projector

Selecting vendors can be extremely stressful and is a major decision when it comes to wedding planning. Choosing the right vendor can make or break your big day so it is important to pick a company that shares your values and can execute what your are looking for! While wedding planners, friends, and family are there to help guide you through the experience, ultimately the choice is yours alone.

Creating a priority list can streamline your process and eliminate stress-it also shows which vendors should be made a priority. While you may think your entertainment and DJ are not the top of the list here are a few reasons why they will be the most important vendor you hire for your wedding day.


  • Event Flow

Weddings often have multiple segments and need to move according to a schedule. A great DJ can also act as an emcee and direct your guests from ceremony to reception and from dinner to the dance floor to ensure the evening runs smoothly! Also, a pro DJ is great at making announcements for special dances, speech introductions and farewell exits.


  • Adaptability

As we know it can be hard to predict if all things will go to plan. If the schedule is running ahead or behind a DJ can fill in the gaps with extra songs from a curated playlist and guests will not know the difference. Giving this job to a pro takes stress off of the bride and groom or anyone in the bridal party!


  • Entertainment

Obviously, the biggest perk of all is having a great time! A professional DJ will have the best sound equipment and playlists to keep the party going all night long and create fun memories for you and your guests. They will also have backup equipment which prevents any last minute accidents from ruining the evening!


If you have any questions about booking DJ or entertainment services with our pro team of VEP DJs get in touch!