What to Look for in A Virtual Platform

Planning a virtual event can be stressful and overwhelming especially when it is the first time taking on the task. This task can become even more challenging when presented with a plethora of virtual platforms to choose from. With an endless supply of options it can be confusing to know which would be best to host your event. Now the question is: What should I look for in my virtual platform?

Virtual event wit multiple guests

Align Event Goals with Platform Performance

As event professionals, we have seen many iterations of livestreaming technology and we know what works and what does not. When selecting your platform think first about what your event needs. A common mistake is picking a platform too quickly and realizing its features do not align with event goals. For example, if your event requires large amounts of guest participation it makes sense to pick a platform with breakout rooms and chat boxes rather than a platform with customization features. There is nuance involved in the selection process depending on the type of event being hosted. It is our job to help navigate that process.

resurge international fundraiser with Doctors conversing virtually

Types of Platforms

Since there are plenty of options when it comes to online presentation software you should not worry about not finding the perfect fit. There are options geared towards networking, user friendly UX, gamification, and much more. At Verducci Event Productions, we have found our favorite platforms allow for event guests to have an easy user experience and also allow event planners to be creative!