What to Look for in a DJ?

In previous articles we have discussed why it can be important to spend more on a DJ for your wedding. In addition to price there are other important factors to consider. As an event planning company with years of experience, here are our best tips to picking the perfect DJ!

dj entertainment set-up with dj booth lights, turn tables and computer set-up

Being a great DJ requires more than meets the eye. It is crucial to have top notch communication skills, elite music taste, and a fun personality!

TIP #1

The DJ has multiple jobs at a wedding or event and it is not just pressing play on a playlist. It is the DJs job to make announcements and coordinate the timing of events throughout the evening. Organized DJs  have a timeline to keep the event on schedule and have notes from the event planners to make sure they get all the details right

Verducci stage and dj booth set-up with screen panels in the background and spotlights

TIP #2

Make sure your DJ’s music taste matches your own or can be adapted to the type of party you are looking to host! Ask for samples of their work before booking their services to see if they would be a good fit for you and your guest list!

dj mc at a social event on the dance floor with guests

TIP #3

Most importantly, personality is key to having a good DJ! Your DJ will be responsible for keeping the dance floor groovin’ all night long and you want someone who can scan the crowd and keep them entertained. Additionally, since the DJ will serve as an emcee it is important for them to not shy away from making announcements. They should keep the party moving!

vep dj and social party on the dance floor with glow sticks and multicolored lights