Planning a wedding can sometimes seem overwhelming! There are so many details to work out! There’s the cake, the dress, the D.j., the venue, the lighting, the guest list, the caterer, etc. etc. etc.

Safe yourself some head-ache! Before you start any of that planning choose a theme!

The theme certainly does not have to be overly complicated or specific. (A Lord of The Rings themed wedding is certainly not for everyone.) But it is important to choose something to tie all the elements of your wedding together.

  • Your theme should help make your wedding personal to you and your fiancee.
  • It should help create an atmosphere during the wedding for  your friends and family that demonstrates your relationship.
  • It should also help you from pulling out all your hair during the designing process.

While there are LOTS of different themes out there, but we can always fall back on the basics.


A Northern Californian classic! For the couple who is simple, humble, and classy. The empty barn, the wooden rafters, galvanized steel tubs, mason jars, market/bistro lighting all come together to a create a country chic/ vintage winery look.



If its not broken, don’t fix it! A timeless tradition that will never go out of style, the classic, romantic look is always “in.” Lots of flowers, soft ambient light, whites and pastel colors, and more flowers are the typical markers for a classic/ romantic wedding look.




For the couple who love having fun and want to capture that “free spirit,” fantastical, and bold atmosphere. Lots of abstract shapes, fairy lights, bold colors, and oversized flowers define this style!


For the elegant and refined groom and bride, the modern look is on the cutting edge of trends. Striking in simplicity, the modern wedding is reserved, elegant, and sophisticated. Simple lines and shapes, understated but elegant cakes, uplight ballrooms, and custom monogram initials are all elements of the modern look.


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