VEP Presents Virtual Corporate Conferences

As the event industry has transformed over the past year we are preparing for the upcoming conference season next January. We want to equip you with our top insights and planning tools for the new virtual conference world. From keynotes to content we’ve got you covered!

At Verducci Event Productions we believe in quality over quantity. In the digital world content is king. As attention spans are shrinking and audiences are multitasking more than ever the content must be spectacular. We recommend focusing on what is produced rather than how long you make the production. In this case, a longer event isn’t necessarily better.

Another way to alleviate stress when navigating the virtual world is by trusting a tech team. Right now a common debate in virtual events is whether to pre-record or live-stream. Both options have pros and cons but working with a professional tech team can help make the process easier. Pre-recorded segments allow consumers to access content on demand and any mistakes can be edited out by the tech professionals. However, if you are looking for a more interactive experience then live-streaming is the way to go! With a live event you can add in questions or games for the audience.

Finally, don’t be afraid to amp it up! We are always saying go big or go home and here at VEP we love to add the “WOW factor”. Virtual events can be just as grand as in-person celebrations. Amplify your event by replicating the stage for your keynote and feature it as the virtual background on screen.

We know the planning stage can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to trying something new. This guide can’t cover everything so we recommend doing more research to determine what’s best for your organization. Talk to your AV company as they may be able suggest the best plan for your organization.