Never skip a rehearsal.


Virtual event rehearsals are essential to a successful event. We believe that you can never be too prepared and practice makes perfect. Extra time with the script, extra time on stage, and extra time with the tech team all lead to a smoother experience. While some may argue that a pre-show rehearsal is an unnecessary step we say “No-way!”.  Virtual events are still in the infancy stage and navigating the journey requires fine-tuning.


Here are the benefits of a pre-show rehearsal:


  • Less Stress – Everyone involved will be calmer on event day! This includes those in front and behind the camera. When you know what to expect there is less to worry about and it allows for ultimate focus.
  • No More “Technical Difficulties”- Think about all of the times when wifi has gone down or you can’t figure out how to set up your camera just right. With a rehearsal, all of the technology can be tested prior and is ready to go for showtime.
  • Accountability- Meeting face to face and assigning roles ensures each person involved in your virtual event is participating and following the script cues. Rehearsals eliminate the possibility for excuses and ensure everyone knows their part!


At VEP, the rehearsal is of utmost importance! We want your virtual event to be perfect for you and the viewers at home. Our goal is to have all run-of-show details perfected during the rehearsal and make you feel comfortable on screen. This is your time to shine!