Lawrence Arevalo


Lawrence Arevalo


Lawrence aka DJ LA aka Mr. President knows how to make wearing many titles seem effortless. As the eldest of 3 siblings and a brand new Dad, he’s naturally well suited for managing the operations within the Verducci warehouse, training new talent, performing, and drumming up plans for the company’s growth.

Our team describes him as a total ham. “Since I was a little kid, I always wanted to be the center of attention. I was constantly cracking jokes and giving impersonations.” A true master in the spotlight, Lawrence went on to pursue drama in high school, was voted class clown, and ultimately started a rap group that he carried on into college. “I performed so much in order to find my voice and not be afraid of crowds. Now it’s part of who I am.”


Lawrence is intoxicatingly positive and goofy so when Andrew Verducci responded to his craigslist ad selling lighting in 2010, an instant friendship and flurry of ideas began and evolved into the foundation of Verducci Event Productions.

Not only is he one half of the dynamic duo that keeps the company running, Lawrence is a stellar DJ. “My level of experience makes me an all around package. You can trust that I’ll pick the right music for the crowd- even granny will be dancing!” He attributes his encyclopedic knowledge of music to the bad influence of his family. “I have a large Mexican family and a lot of cousins introduced me to music with cussing like hip hop and rap but the rest of my family are into classic rock or soul. I was born into the right situation to become a DJ. You best believe we have huge dance parties together.”

When Lawrence isn’t charming your guests with the perfect playlist or keeping the Verducci team organized, you can find him keeping up with his Spanish through podcasts, cooking for his lovely wife, or introducing his new baby to the sounds of Bob Marley and Jack Johnson.


(This mix is an example of the DJ’s talents, mixing ability, and knowledge of music. The mix isn’t necessarily indicative of music they will play for your event. All of our DJ’s customize their playlist to what YOU want played at your event)