DJ Percy


dj percy

Percy Scott


There are some people you feel lucky to know, and for us here at Verducci, DJ Percy AKA Pee Dot Scott is one of those people. He can ease any stress with his sense of humor, plays some of the best old school Hip Hop sets, and will always entertain. 

What makes such a bold likable personality? A rich upbringing. Percy was fed hip hop with baby food and heart song with gospel church sermons. While other kids were hooked on phonics, he was hooked on funk. As he grew older and wiser, he learned essential entertainer skills like moon walking, music recording, and planning events. 


“I was tired of paying to get into other people’s parties and chose to throw my own. I’ve played all types of events that needed different kinds of music, but my favorite type of music to play out is old school hip hop, R&B, Funk, Soul, and Rock n’Roll.” 

He was been called the “Chief Crowd Rocker” in a recent client review because he has fun at every event and the positive energy is not only palpable, but contagious. Don’t be surprised if he is lip syncing and grooving behind the decks! 

DJ Percy

(This mix is an example of the DJ’s talents, mixing ability, and knowledge of music. The mix isn’t necessarily indicative of music they will play for your event. All of our DJ’s customize their playlist to what YOU want played at your event)