DJ Mortay


Mortay Mendoza


DJ Mortay is your friend. We know this because he makes friends with everyone. His silly nature and infectious smile have elected him the pseudo-godfather of both his Filipino and Mexican sides of his family. “A lot of my cousins look up to me and my aunts and uncles put me as their emergency contact at school. I started a family tradition fifteen years ago where every year, I take funny videos of my cousins and edit them together for us to watch Christmas Eve.”

He is known to break dance, ride in on a motorcycle, or surprise you with the sheer number of sports he plays. However, he’s not all charm and brawn- this DJ shows off his smarts daily at the Department of Agriculture and has even been published at the UCSF Anesthesia Department. Yet one of his proudest accomplishments is his recent marriage to his girlfriend of fourteen years! Of course, he couldn’t help but take the spotlight for fifteen minutes to spin his own wedding, “ Other than seeing my wife walk down the aisle, Djing was my favorite part! I gave everyone way too many glow sticks so my wedding turned into a rave”.

When he’s not getting active or basking in the glory that is newlywed love, you can find DJ Mortay scouring the Internet for new house music. His obsession with electronic music hit him like a freight train in 2008. He started sharing his tastes and when people became increasingly receptive, he hit the decks. “I’d always liked to make friends and entertain people so combining my love of music and performing just seemed right.”

DJ Mortay

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