DJ Lewis Giovanni


Lewis Giovanni


From a young age DJ Lewis was always living the life of a musician, literally. As a teen, he traveled the country for a decade as a founding member of an acclaimed rock and roll band. After years of touring, coordinating concerts, and performing (nationally and internationally), Lewis settled down with his wife and daughters at his home state of California on a pair of Technics turntables and has been providing the soundtrack at some of the finest Winery’s, Event Centers, Sporting Arenas and Nightclubs on the West Coast, ever since.

Raised half-time in the country, and half-time in the the inner city, Lewis’ musical journey began at a tender age. His mother, an accomplished pianist, taught him music theory in his early years. He explored a variety of instruments including trumpet, guitar, violin, french horn, drums, and at one point, even musical saws. This vast understanding of instrumentology and music theory allows him to dive into the music at a higher level than many. He is able to dissect the orchestration of modern sound and proclaims himself as a student of structure, progression, and true harmony. He has attended many college courses on both music theory as well as human psychology. His higher understanding of music and crowd control, combined with his workhorse mentality and vivacious spirit has allowed him to take his DJ sets to the next level.

Lewis is no stranger to the stage and his live shows have been complimented as far above par by numerous wedding coordinators, event production companies, newlyweds, corporate clientele, club owners, promoters and fellow DJ’s. His resume as a DJ is without limit. He currently holds residency at some of Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, San Diego, and Sacramento’s finest Night Life establishments, providing the soundtrack to celebrity clientele.

During the daytime he can be found at California State University of Sacramento providing the In-Game music for all of their NCAAA sporting events. He has even been invited to DJ multiple times for the NBA’s Sacramento Kings.

Lewis is also an Instructor at the nationally acclaimed DJ 4 Life Academy in San Francisco, where he teaches the next generation of DJ’s the  musical fundamentals, and skills of the trade they need to get started.

When he’s not in the studio, teaching a class, or on site at an event, Lewis works in the fine dining industry at a local country club as a banquet coordinator. This profession has taught him how to deliver total guest satisfaction, while allowing him to focus on time management and conflict resolution. He is passionate about building relationships with his clients and their guests, stating that he doesn’t ever want to leave an event as “just the DJ” but rather as “Our friend Lewis, that plays great music”.


His ability to connect with his crowds on a psychological and metaphysical level, leaves the evening’s guests with an unparalleled sense of fulfillment and delight. DJ Lewis holds himself to a pinnacle standard, and insists on executing maximum productivity at all times, whether playing to a crowd of 10 people, or 10,000.

His core values combined with his natural charisma, clean cut appearance, and years of education / experience, make him a favored choice for weddings, dance club circuits, private parties, and sporting events, near and abroad.

DJ Lewis Giovanni