DJ Erick


Erick Hall


DJ Erick grew up on hip-hop, the DJ’s of Milwaukee, and a love of showmanship.  His career took off in the Midwest in 2006 when audiences began to recognize his affinity for quick mixing and vibrant stage presence that made him a DJ worth following.

He expanded his musical repertoire to include Reggaeton, House, Trance, Pop, Salsa, Old School, and (honestly, if we list every genre he plays, we’ll be here until next year). He’s felt the love from his loyal fan base who voted him “Best DJ” in the WISN12  “A list” awards. He’s been featured in publications such as The Illixer and Matadero Music and ascended to the throne as resident DJ of Milwaukee’s most popular clubs.


While publications have recognized DJ Erick’s gifts on the decks, most fans aren’t as familiar with his determination to make the world a better place through music. He founded the World Wide Movement for Peace and Unity Thru Music, a grass roots organization dedicated to promoting positive role models for underprivileged youth in the Milwaukee area.

His versatility, talent for mixing, and openness to new musical styles make DJ Erick aka “Mr. Fuego”,  always ready to turn any regular ol’ night into a slammin’ party.

DJ Erick

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