Andrew Verducci

CEO and Founder

Andrew Verducci


We have a huge Italian family to thank for the brilliant, talkative, absolutely one of a kind Andrew Verducci or as his co-workers call him “Ducci”. He grew up in Burlingame under the guidance of his Nonno and father who ran Ceremony Ford Car Dealership and the care of a loving stay-at-home mom. In his car-seat days, passing vehicles could see little Andrew rocking out and waving to KFRC99.7. He has felt a need to perform from the beginning. He kicked it up a notch in high school as the all-time champion of multiple karaoke competitions. No one sings “Can’t Get No Satisfaction” by the Rolling Stones with as much gusto as Andrew!

It was his eager nature and endless supply of energy that first lead him to teaching. “I’m a former second grade teacher and I know with budget cuts, many schools don’t have music or performing arts programs anymore. So, I volunteer to instruct rhythm and movement classes so kids can experience that.” Working with children who have special needs is still one of his biggest passions. This desire to foster learning and laughs for kids inspired him to start the ‘Level Up’ side of the business that specifically caters to children’s events.


He broke into the industry with one of the most popular Bay Area production companies, but found out that he had a certain way to assure each client was receiving amazing customer service. He vowed to make personalized service a foundational element of his own company so that each event was customized to what the client wanted. Andrew’s infectious smile and cheery nature keeps his team motivated and working together like an extension of his Italian family. He runs his business and his own events with love. “My favorite part of DJing a wedding is bringing two families together. I am so happy knowing all those people will be talking about coming together for years and I have a huge role to play in their celebration.”

You will get a notification when Andrew is turning up the dance floor because he’ll post it online. “I love to take selfies, I’m not gonna lie. I want people to know that I LOVE what I do! When Andrew isn’t busy DJing or running the business, he miraculously finds time and energy to run, do yoga, travel, bike, or work on attaining ultimate movie guru status.

DJ Ducci

(This mix is an example of the DJ’s talents, mixing ability, and knowledge of music. The mix isn’t necessarily indicative of music they will play for your event. All of our DJ’s customize their playlist to what YOU want played at your event)