Level up Your Virtual Event with Video Editing & Design 

verducci event productions team member during live broadcast recording, with computer and editing set-up

What makes a good virtual event?

Online events require higher quality on screen production value than in person gatherings because the focus is on the screen the entire time. With this in mind, having top notch video production and graphic design is crucial to a successful online event.

Our experienced team is happy to provide expert video production and editing guidance. Not only is high level digital content important, it adds impact and value to your event. Bring your next event online and in style. We can help you make your next online event a success by engaging your virtual audience with a myriad of high-quality production video techniques, from multiple camera angles and custom graphics to pre-roll, music, and more.

Incorporating outside video elements into your virtual event such as messages from speakers, honorary guests, or celebrities can create great buzz! Also for corporate events it is great to add in pre-recorded content sharing highlight reels or a vision, mission and values statement!

Motion graphics add pizzazz to video streaming and can be anything from logo animation to 3D motion graphics. The most popular options are intro and outro text movement on screen that add flare and make virtual events look extra professional. 

Video editing is the final touch to an event that can take a regular presentation to the next level. Final touches such as audio corrections, green screen replacement, color correction, and transition effects are the details that lead to viewers having all expectations exceeded!