How Lighting can take your Event from Drab to Fab!


Creating a memorable event requires a laundry list of to-dos from booking a caterer, ordering linens, hiring entertainment, and reserving a venue! But one of the most important things to do  once you have reserved your event space is deciding on how to decorate and transform your space. 


A popular problem in event planning is that many event spaces that are designed to hold large numbers of guests do not have a wow factor. These spaces may be a meeting hall, convention center, or ballroom; a great way to elevate the area beyond regular decor is with fantastic lighting.


Lighting has many different options from uplighting, pattern washes, gobos, and dance lights! Consider adding these elements to your next event as a way to incorporate branding or convey a theme. When styled correctly, the lighting can create a dramatic difference in the mood of the space and can guide guests through the event experience. Bright lights can signal an awake and happy environment while a darker room may convey a moodier, more sultry party! 


Below we have included examples of our work with various lighting techniques and styles! Check out more in our gallery.


  • Uplighting

Tabel decor and set-up with purple and warm up-lighting and chandelier lights

  • Pattern Wash

pattern wash lighting and ambient lighting for first dance at wedding

  • Gobo

Outdoor venue lighting with purple pattern wall lights

  • Dance/ Party Lights

Dance party multicolored lights with DJ booth set-up