The ceremony is over. You managed to make a giant mess of your make up when he said his vows. (You still look damn sexy in your amazing white dress.) You have sat in photos for what feels like forever while your guests mingle in the cocktail hour. 

Let’s get this party started already!

It is time for the grand wedding entrance. The grand entrance is the cue to your guests to let them know that the pomp and ceremony of  wedding tradition spanning thousands of years is over, and the fun part is starting! Our creative couples out there want to make every aspect of their wedding reflect the uniqueness of their new relationship. And why not?  The grand entrance is no exception, in fact the grand entrance can set the tone of the rest of the event!


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The creative possibilities are as limitless as there are different personalities out there. As with all things related to your wedding, my best advice is to choose something that means something to you as a couple.  I have seen Star Wars obsessed Brides and Grooms entering under a light saber salute! Whatever your great idea is make sure it means something special to you!

Here are a couple neat ideas  for creative entrances for the brides and grooms.

Choreographed  Dance Entrance 

It does take a lot more coordination and practice in advance but it does make a fun, slightly silly atmosphere and certainly makes an impression! I have seen Michael Jackson’s Thriller done very well and it has the added bonus of being super easy to learn!) 

Sports Announcer 

-“..And now, in this corner, coming in at 5’9″ and 6’1″ the new, MISTER & MISSES BRIIIIIIIIIDE & GROOOOOOOM!!!!” Perfect for the sports enthusiast and requires very little extra work in advance but get really get a group excited.  



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Choreographed Dance-Off between the Groomsmen and Bridesmaids 

-Again, more work and logistics, but totally worth it for that friendly rivalry teasing feel. Also has the added bonus of  getting your bridesmaids and groomsmen to bond! Just remember short and sweet is way better. (People have very short attention spans. )


-Did you meet at band camp or do you both teach music? How about a drum-line or marching band? Is your Scottish heritage important to you? Why not bagpipes? Or line dancing if you are Irish? or Mariachi if you have latin heritage? 


The Really Dramatic Entrance

I can’t wait till the day were I finally get a bride who comes in here asking for a really dramatic entrance. I have this vision of a bride raising out of the stage in jet of fog and lights and then sharing the first dance on the top of a cloud. (This all can be done! Let me know if this is something you want for your wedding and I’ll be all over that!)


Re-blogged form by David Tutera
Re-blogged from by David Tutera



All in all the entrance can be as extravagant or as simple as you like, as long as it reflects you!