Your recording is a representation of yourself to potentially hundreds or thousands of people. Look good with these camera basics! 

Clean your camera – Sounds simple but the first thing to do when preparing your recording is to get the smudges and fingerprints out from the front of your camera using a microfiber towel or cleaner.

Wide shots are best – If you are using your phone or a tablet, you want to take a recording in the horizontal orientation (aka widescreen or landscape) so your image can fill the whole screen.

Elevate your camera – Your camera should be eye level when you record. Use a tripod, a stool, books, or even a DIY camera holder to help.

Steady Shot – Holding your camera in your hand or on a selfie stick while you record is a bad idea. You want your camera on a stable surface.

Look Into The Camera – You will want to make a real connection with the audience by looking into the camera and not away from it. Look at the lens of the camera as much as possible when you record.

Recording any video can be stressful but hopefully keeping these simple steps in mind will help. Also reach out to a production company if you are considering a larger scale project- we always say teamwork makes the dreamwork!