Boost Virtual Event Engagement in 2021

Virtual events may not be new but they are still a hot topic and worth investing in! As we learned over the course of the last year virtual events can have a huge impact. Hosting an event online offers many benefits that do not exist in traditional event settings. We know online events allow for greater accessibility to folks who could not attend in the past due to transportation or locational difficulties. We also know that the ROI can be much higher due to the savings on overhead such as catering or venue rental. With this knowledge, it is important to remember how to continue to integrate virtual programming into your events calendar!

Ideas for 2021

If you are planning on hosting virtual events in 2021 here are some ideas on how to build from the successful virtual events we saw in 2020. Our best piece of advice is to make sure virtual event engagement is high!

Use interactive elements tied to trademark event activities such as networking, breakout rooms, live auctions, keynote speakers, musicians, magicians or incorporate gamification. Engagement is key! The correct mix of these elements makes for a great event. When planning, it is important to ask yourself:

      • Who are my guests?

      • What experience would they enjoy?

      • What message am I trying to send?

After figuring out the answers to those questions you can come up with a plan of attack to create the perfect virtual event engagement mix! Perhaps you have a networking portion at the beginning followed by an opening musical act, then the keynote, breakout sessions and a wrap up auction! 

Greg at the SF Girls Chorus Virtual Auction
Greg Quiroga, Fundraising Auctioneer

Some events Verducci Event Productions has produced have included performances from the San Francisco Girls Chorus, and live auctions with the help of auctioneer Greg Quiroga! Adding these interactive elements livened up the evening and resulted in positive feedback from all attendees! We encourage you to try out an auction or performance on your own as well. As always, feel free to get in touch if you need an event coordinator!


SF girls chorus performing online
San Francisco Girls Chorus Virtual Concert