Verducci Event Productions Presents the 2020 Virtual Events Highlight Reel:

Now that we are reaching the one-year anniversary of virtual events we are reflecting and celebrating all we have accomplished since our industry has turned upside down. We have completely pivoted our company to a virtual events powerhouse and could not be more proud of all the growth and successes we shared in 2020. In the inaugural year of virtual broadcasting, we learned quite a bit. Not everything was easy but it was incredible to watch our business blossom- we hope you enjoy watching our triumphs with us in the short video above. We also included everything we learned along the way down below! Here’s to another great season of virtual entertainment!

Our Top Takeaways:

  1. Have an engaging program that engages everyone at the event
  2. Use insightful on-screen graphics
  3. Allow people to network and connect
  4.  Have a balanced platform – creative but also user friendly
  5.  Hire good emcees/presenters
  6. You can reach more people virtually
  7. Change the format and go against the grain
  8. Prioritize attendee experience
  9. Feature Quality Speakers and Quality Content
  10. Replicate the quality, intimacy, and community of a live event
  11.  Marketing is key to getting people to show up for the event