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Our Story

Our Story

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A Passion For Entertainment

We Started From The Bottom, Now We’re Here

The year was 2007 (think Apple’s first iPhone). Two budding entertainers [and soon-to-be entrepreneurs] started on a path into the event industry that would forever change their lives and the lives of thousands of people in the Bay Area and beyond.

Starting from the bottom with a dream, both owners cut their teeth working for large entertainment companies. While grateful for the opportunity to fuel their passion, they felt like something was missing. Something important. There was no personal connection built with their customers. Feeling dissatisfied—they left to create something special!

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Planting Some Roots

Planting Some Roots

Verducci Entertainment (as it was called back then) was a one-man show with an incredible ability to create relationships in the community—all with a passion for entertainment flair. Andrew was a teacher, fresh out of college. At this time, he had used money from his Nonni to buy his first set of DJ equipment to begin building a strong presence in the area and ended up closing the company’s inaugural year with a whopping 23 events. Having been strongly influenced by his grandfather, a well-known local businessman, Andrew knew even then that going the extra mile for his clients would pay off—and it did. With more event opportunities coming his way through the following year and a vision of great things to come, he set out to ensure that the people he served would be his strength, his focus, and his energy (just like his grandfather).

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The Dynamic Duo

The Dynamic Duo

When Andrew and Lawrence first met, they didn’t decide right away that they would create a business together or that they would merge to be the dynamic duo we know today. However, they quickly realized that with Andrew’s excellent networking skills and Lawrence’s keen mind for business—they could form a balanced partnership. Their newly formed partnership was about working together to build an unstoppable company that would never leave their clients unsatisfied.

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Leveling Up

Leveling Up

And so it began. Andrew and Lawrence put everything they had into making the wheels turn for one company instead of two. Because of their strong community ties, they threw all of their eggs in one basket and pushed the envelope to make Verducci Entertainment a huge success. From 23 events to 47, then 91 to 202 and so on—Verducci Entertainment soon became Verducci Event Productions. With the support of a talented team, Andrew and Lawrence pushed forward and expanded the company’s reach to specialize in Photo Booths, Lighting, and Audio Visual Support. Now, the only thing these two had on their minds was, “ WHO IS GOING TO DO ALL OF THESE GIGS?!!”

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The Saga Continues

The Saga Continues

The reinvestment never stopped. Andrew and Lawrence poured every left over cent into new equipment, system improvements, and (of course) the people that hopped on the fun bus with them! With a strong team of talented individuals to support each event, the Verducci team saw exponential growth almost immediately. They gained notoriety through awards from Wedding Wire and The Knot along with rave reviews from their clients on Yelp. The story however doesn’t stop there. It continues in a day-to-day pursuit of excellence, and of course with all of you…

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Embracing Change

Embracing Change

After the global pandemic had affected businesses, our friends, family, and clients locally and across the world—it was clear that new and innovative ways of work and communication were vitally important. We knew we had to step up to help people connect in new and meaningful ways, for now, and for the future. As we stood up to injustice, laughed, cried, and stayed inside together we were ready to embrace change.

In our postpandemic landscape of evolution and opportunity, the team at VEP remains committed to supporting our clients through thick and thin. So, we made the exciting decision to expand the Verducci family to create Full Picture Media. This recent expansion will be the new home for our high-quality video production services, while VEP will remain the DJ entertainment side of the business that you all know and love.

Check out all of the fun, safe, and inviting new ways we’re bringing people together.

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Our Mission

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Our mission is to use technology, talent, and customer service to create environments that transport people to another place where they can create lasting memories, inspire positive change in the world, and achieve their dreams.

Our Values

VEP’s team of unique and talented individuals strive to create a better experience. It is our priority to bring your guests together through our shared passion for entertainment and event production- making your event memorable and a huge success.


Through our leadership, strength of character, and specialized expertise—we strive to provide every customer with the best, personalized service. We want to make your experience better through the aesthetics of your brand, the shaping of your vision, and the overall delivery of your event.


Our team of creative, open-minded individuals all share similar goals: to grow as a team, and continually push the envelope through innovation and the desire to stay ahead of the curve.
Basically, we’ve got gusto
—and you love it.


Passion fuels confidence, creates excitement, and is contagious. Our hope is to convey our passion and love for our work through honesty, respect for our community of friends and family, and (most of all) FUN. We enthusiastically live and breathe this industry, and love every second of it.

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VEP Values

Join Our Team

We are looking to add to our team as we look to expand the VEP family!

If you’re a passionate, hard-working, creative individual with a desire to push the envelope in entertainment—VEP could be the workplace for you.


You’ll feel inspired to do what you do, because we make people happy.

Our shared values make us head and shoulders above our competition.

You will be able to live your passion through your work.

Our team is terrific, and tuned in to each other’s success.

We strive to always be on the cutting-edge of the latest technology and trends

Our team is our family and We have fun when we’re not kicking booty on events

Current Openings

    Please send your resume to info@verducciep.com.
    Include your cover letter, and let us know why you would be a good fit for VEP. Our staffing manager will reach out to you if you are a possible candidate.

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