Stay Connected. Level Up your virtual event.

Organizations are evolving in the way they engage with their audiences now and in the future. We’re embracing the moment and are committed to supporting you during these unprecedented times.

If you’re looking for new and fresh ways to bring in support through a Virtual Event, we’re excited to share more about this unique opportunity to produce an amazing experience for your guests.

We are currently providing Live Streaming technology support and vendor recommendations for coordinators, auctioneers, and content creators.

3 virtual event options.
1 amazing experience.

Attendees can watch from virtually anywhere, like YouTube, Facebook, or Zoom—making it convenient for your guests to attend all from the comfort of their own homes.

Live From Home

A Live Streamed Production From The
Comfort Of Your Own Home


A Live Streamed Production With Your MC In Our Live Stream Studio


A Live Streamed Production From Your Favorite Venue, Office, or Meeting Space


Virtual events is all about connecting your purpose to your guests. As a smart alternative in place of an in-person event, there are no limits on this type of immersive and innovative event experience.


If you’re in need to create a virtual fundraiser, we developed virtual fundraising event solutions that can help your organization keep revenue flowing.


Virtual Events Are

Days of Reach

Gather contact data efficiently from new attendees to keep in touch all year.

Live & Streaming Platforms

Multiple platforms are available for streaming.

Say Video Improves Understanding

Increased ROI from new viewers balances resources needed for your team.

of all Virtual Events are Live on Facebook

Attendance can be unlimited, so reach expands.

Projected Market Size by 2027

ROI potential increases with more attendees.

Spending on Event Venue + More

Virtual Events are very budget-friendly.


Produce a show that has high entertainment value and the ability to connect with guests via a powerful content strategy.

Special Materials

Provide your guests with downloadable content, including additional materials like links to the speakers’ websites.

Interactive Slides

Send your slides to your guests before the event and allow them to click through at their own pace.

Chat Q&A

Consider how to involve your remote guests by enabling them to send questions via chat or instant messenger to help them feel more involved in the event.

Production Materials

Prepare materials ahead of time to keep your virtual event running smoothly such as a script, run of show, sponsorships, or pre-recorded segments.

Marketing Content

Prepare logos, brand guides, and social media posts and photos before the event.

Designated Moderator

A designated moderator can help build connections and coordinate information.


Our mission is to use technology, talent, and, customer service for your guests to create lasting memories, inspire positive change in the world, and achieve their dreams—all in a virtual environment.