Todd McCollough

Account Manager



While Todd’s childhood in the mountains of Weed, CA was peaceful, his spontaneous and fun-loving personality made him the career life of the party. He became friends with Lawrence, now the Verducci President, at one of the totally epic parties Todd planned in college. The road to being in charge of a good time really took off from there. “I always liked the big party scene in the bay area and found my way from parking cars at huge events to high end catering to production.”

His passion for events is only rivaled by his passion for art. “I’ve always been a visual artist and I appreciate the creative side of life. I started as a mural artist and I’ve taken that to every job.” With a degree from the Art institute in graphic and web design, he’s basically unstoppable once he’s hit with an idea.

You can tell the minute you meet him; Todd is a lover of the vintage things in life. He sported a dapper suit, vintage pocket watch, and antique cuff links when he recently said “I do” to his beautiful wife, Sarah. When he wasn’t busy planning his wedding, he was giggling with his baby girl Charlie Fay and teaching her the importance of lowered hot rods and truly exceptional pizza.

Todd is the huge heart that makes the Verducci team really feel like family. He’ll do everything he can to help people around him and his genuine human kindness inspires everyone to be positive and caring, even at the most stressful events. He has unparalleled dedication to his clients and the success of their important days and honestly, Todd is just so fun.