DJ Steve


Steve Mckee


DJ Steve thinks of listening to music as his spiritual experience. His parents were both missionaries so he was exposed primarily to songs of the church until he ventured to New York City for a reggae concert at age 18. Through the energy, joy, and dance of that NYC night, he found an undeniable love for music events. So, he set his eyes on a career in the industry.

“I want to create this contagious atmosphere for others. My favorite music to play is Trap but I appreciate many different styles, from hip-hop to psytrance. I enjoy all dance music.”

When DJ Steve is out from behind the decks, he is outdoors. He snowboards, bikes, and even climbed Mt. Whitney at the young age of 13.


Clients describe DJ Steve as “polite”, “thorough”, and “professional” and here at Verducci, we describe him as “chill”. Behind the calm, kind exterior, Steve has mad Dodgeball skills and cooks up a mean Kaddo Bourani (Afghani dish).

Steve’s ability to tap into a diverse range of music has made him a huge asset to the Verducci team. “I’m glad I found something I enjoy so much as my career.”

DJ Steve

(This mix is an example of the DJ’s talents, mixing ability, and knowledge of music. The mix isn’t necessarily indicative of music they will play for your event. All of our DJ’s customize their playlist to what YOU want played at your event)