DJ Julio


Julio Loli


Julio aka DJ Lo came from the vibrant and spicy-hot city of Miami to the fog of the bay bringing a whopping fifteen years of DJ experience. He comes from a whole family of music appreciators. “As a kid, I used to listen to the radio a lot and record songs that I liked. Then I made mix tapes for my friends to play in the walk man.”

With a great ear for song selection, healthy addiction to finding new music, and a charm that makes MCing seem effortless- he quickly became Miami’s most sought-after bilingual DJ. When someone has as much experience as Julio in making a dance set truly awesome, It’s hard to pick a favorite genre to play. “I am always looking for new music. I mean constantly. Recently I have been loving electronic music because many artists have been incorporating jazz, rock, or hip hop into the tracks which makes it easy to add different genres into a club dance set.”

So what made this Miami star leave the city of fluorescent art deco? Love, of course. Julio is, at heart, a true romantic passionate about cooking, candlelit dinners, and slow dancing. With a cool demeanor and pensive smile, you might mistake him as shy upon first meet but do not be fooled. He is just waiting for the perfect moment to surprise you with a joke. “When someone meets me, I’m mellow. But the stage transforms me into someone totally different. A lot of people are actually shocked by how much energy I have when I spin.”

DJ Julio

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