Et Hazzard

E.T Hazzard


You might be thinking that the name DJ E.T. Hazzard sounds a little ‘out of this world’, but it’s exactly fitting for the size of his personality. His friends follow his lead because as an Oakland native, he always knows where the party’s at. Taking after his Dad who dabbled in the comedy scene, E.T. continues to practice improvisation and acting and pass his skills along. “I work at a youth drama camp over summer. This is my seventeenth summer teaching kids and it continues to re-fuel my passion for theater.”

As an only child, E.T. found guidance and inspiration from one of the ultimate heroes, Spiderman. He still proudly sports a Spiderman keychain (and sometimes a matching lunchbox) to remind him that with great Djing power comes great responsibility. He also found that lack of sibling rivalry left much more time for finding amazing music. This constant quest for new sounds has made him a Verducci chameleon. When asked what his favorite genres are, he said, “It really depends on the day! This morning I was listening to deep house, by lunch I was on a hip-hop grind, then by the time I was playing the club- I felt the need to spin some electro-house and trap.”

So if you haven’t gathered that DJ E.T. is a performer and artist extraordinaire- then this will convince you. When he’s off stage, he is building. He used to be a master carpenter and it seems that building scenery and an excellent performance is not too far off from building beats in the studio. “My background in being a stage manager, actor, creator, musician, and improviser have made me good on my feet. My greatest gift to my clients is that I’m ready for anything and I provide the complete package.” He was born to be in the spotlight and you can bet that he’ll be shakin’ his groove thang to the jams he spins behind the decks.


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