DJ David


David Tamashiro


From the island of Honolulu, Hawaii, DJ David T is a performer and entertainer with a unique tropical style, and a fun loving spirit that is guaranteed to satisfy any crowd. Although his first musical experiences came from playing the ukulele, he’s been working as a DJ since the early 2000’s, entertaining crowds en masse every where he performs.

After falling in love with pop music in the 80’s, David branched out into hip-hop, and became fascinated by the idea of becoming a DJ. When he finally got turntables of his own, he realized it was the perfect way to blend all of his unique musical tastes. This diversity of styles still drives him today, as he carefully curates custom playlists for every performance.


Whether it’s a Filipino Debut, a Quinceanera, or a Bar Mitzvah, you can always expect David T to bring his A game. He loves playing old favorites, as well as introducing new styles to open minded crowds.

When he’s not busy DJ’ing, David is happy to kick back with a few friends for some barbecue and a little karaoke. Anywhere people meet to enjoy music, food, and good company, DJ David T feels right at home.

DJ David

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