DJ Christensen


Christensen Sanders


DJ Christensen is known for high energy sets and his power to flip a room full of people into a party. He once riled up a wedding so much that the bride and groom crowd surfed during their reception. How did he become such a skilled, master life-of-the-party you ask?

Behind true greatness are awesome moms. He was tasked as the “house DJ” whenever mom has guests over and she made sure he knew how to read her “crowd”. At the young age of 15, he began his hustle. He sold candy and soda every day until he saved enough money to buy his first set of DJ equipment. With the decks still foreign to his fingertips, he booked his first gig the next day at a friend’s birthday party. He’s never looked back. He gained knowledge and experience booking from clubs to weddings until the DJ decks became like extensions of his arms.

It’s rare to have a business savvy professional and truly talented individual wrapped up on one person so we feel very lucky to have Christensen on our team. He treats his clients like friends and they describe him as “passionate and very energetic” because he’s been known to join them on the dance floor to boogie down!

Outside of DJing, you can find him stirring up the magic in the kitchen or discovering the latest in hip hop at music events. He can also be caught traveling, making friends wherever he goes, and sometimes bringing his own friends along- Shelldon, his super cute turtle. Keep up to date with DJ Christensen, he’s going to be legendary!

DJ Christensen

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