DJ Adrian


Adrian Blackhurst


As a kid, Adrian rocked out in the basement to his Dad jamming on bass guitar, dwarfed by a colorful collection of over 2,000 vinyl records bearing names of legendary artists across decades and genres. By the age of 10, he was cramping up his fingers practicing every free moment on his Casio SK-1. By 15, he added guitar to the mix, and as he grew up explored percussion, bass, and finally electronic music production. 

As many DJs do, he started broadcasting his music selections for his college’s radio show spinning vinyl in Seattle, WA. But Djing wasn’t enough for Adrian for he is a born cultivator of good vibes. Creating spaces where friends connect through a shared love of music had become his passion. So, he got together with 3 friends and started a resident club night called “Beats without Borders” in Vancouver and later “Beats Bazaar” in Maui, HI. He even ran his own mobile DJ company playing every kind of event under the gorgeous Hawaii sun.

After hearing about his background in music and events, one might think that Adrian is an absolute party animal. They wouldn’t be totally wrong (as he has shown the Verducci Team a sweet dance move or two) but he also loves yoga, making healthy meals, meditation, hiking, and other activities enjoying nature. This life balance is perhaps why he’s so reliable under pressure! 

DJ Adrian

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