Sales Kickoff Season- A Virtual Playground

As January approaches quickly, the sales kickoff season is rapidly approaching. In 2021 the format of sales presentations will follow the trend of 2020 virtual events and reflect how COVID-19 has largely impacted the events industry. However, this will not stop events altogether. Virtual platforms provide a new vision and opportunity to sales kickoff events and the virtual world is a playground for attendees and planners alike.

A virtual sales kickoff event requires engaging content just like an in person event; however, the difference is that your guests are attending from the comfort of their own homes and you are competing with extra distractions. We believe it is important to engage your sales teams. In the past we have seen success with polls, games, and breakout rooms for networking. Breakout rooms encourage discussion and prevent attendees from just sitting back and watching- this allows more moments for participants to have a takeaway from the event.

Team building is important to company culture and builds relationships. We suggest having groups work together to solve a murder myster or complete an online scavenger hunt! Many of the best virtual events are themed and the interactive team building games often add to the fun. Also, if you are on the planning committee, consider making teams of people who don’t typically work together- this gives employees a chance to meet someone new.

Finally, don’t forget to celebrate! The objectives for a sales kickoff event are motivating teams, establishing strategy, and celebrating last year’s wins! We believe it’s important to recognize achievements and make everyone feel like a winner. Our suggestions include sending out gift boxes prior to the event or announcing awards to make memorable moments! This is an effective way to connect with attendees virtually and incorporate a “real life” moment.