There are three very important vendors who essentially run your wedding – your coordinator, your officiant and your DJ. These three combined make sure everything stays on time, people are in the correct locations and maintain the vibe/flow of your event. So why would you not want to know as much as you possibly can about these vendors?
You are conducting an interview when hiring a vendor – do not be afraid to ask the questions. Although, I cannot tell you the specific questions to ask your coordinator or officiant, I most certainly can help you with your DJ interview! I have created a list of our “FAQs” for you to review and ask your potential DJ. I have also provided answers you should be listening for in order to spot a Professional DJ.

1. How long have you been a DJ?
 – The answer you are looking for comes down to your personal preference. Just do not hire a friend of a friend that has decided they want to be a DJ; your wedding day is not the day to let them try out their new career. Hire someone with experience for your wedding, hire a friend for a backyard BBQ.

2. What is your background as a DJ? a MC?
 – Your DJ is most likely going to be your MC for the night – would you rather have someone who is experienced in making announcements at the appropriate times? Or someone who is willing to “try it” for the night? Also, do not be afraid to let the DJ know just how much you would like them to be on the microphone.

3. How many weddings have you worked? How many do you do a year on average?
 – DJing weddings is a whole other beast so to speak, so make sure your wedding is not their first time. You hire professionals to relieve the stress from you, you do not want to have a vendor you are stressing over all night.

4. Will you be the DJ that actually shows up at my wedding?
 – If this is not a “yes”, or “you will be working hand-in-hand with YOUR DJ once you have select him”, RUN! Run away and never look back!

5. Can I see or hear you perform?
 – Can you see a DJ perform at a wedding? This should be a definite “No!” However, with how crazy cool the Internet is these days, DJ’s are now able to put their sound clips online for you to listen to at your leisure.

6. What would you categorize as your musical style? Can you play other styles?
 – If their musical style matches yours, perfect! Match made in heaven. If it does not, most DJ’s will play what you request because it is all about you and your special day! If they say no, time to look elsewhere.

7. How do you keep guests on the dance floor?
 – The only wrong answer here is if they do not have an answer for you. How a DJ involves the crowd is his own skill, and it is up to you whether you agree or not; just make sure he has an answer otherwise do not waste anymore of your time.

8. Do you have experience in other types of wedding cultures? Which ones?
 – If this is of importance to you, most companies with multiple DJ’s will be able to pair you with someone who best fits your needs. If they do not, take the time to find the right DJ who fits your requirements.

9. Have you been to this venue? Personally? With this Company?
 – This is not always the make it or break it questions. However, it is nice to know that your DJ has experience in this certain venue or location. Take the time to even ask the venue their experience working with this particular DJ; also best to have more references.

10. What makes you different from other DJ companies around here?
 – Note: our amo is not to talk bad about other companies but to state our differences. If one company is talking bad about another, it is most likely because they have no specific answer to offer. This is a very important question to ask, make sure you do!

11. What type of attire do you wear to our event?
– Your DJ should always answer this question by saying AT MINIMUM, “Black slacks, a buttoned up collard shirt, tie and jacket, unless requested otherwise by the couple”. They may act professional, but they also need to look professional.

12. How early do you arrive to our event to set up?
 – Make sure their answer is at least an hour before, not a minute later. Depending on the amount of equipment and prep needed, most DJ’s like to play it safe and arrive no later than two hours before your ceremony begins. Their set up time should already be included in their price, make sure they do not charge you extra for them to be on time.

13. Are there any hidden cost or additional cost we may get billed for later?
 – The only additional cost you should endure at the end of the event is if you requested the DJ to play for additional time. Otherwise, all cost should be agreed upon upfront.

14. Where are you a preferred vendor?
 – The more places they are a preferred vendor, the better! Venues are very picky when it comes to those who they place on their vendor list – take this as very high recommendations.

15. Do you take request from your guests?
 – This question should not be answered by your DJ, but by you. It should be up to you whether guest have the option of requesting songs or not, and a professional DJ will happily oblige.

16. Do you mix music or just play the song?
 -If you are looking to hire a Professional, make sure they mix the music. Otherwise, do not waste your money and go ahead and hire your friends friend.

17. Does the company provide any training for you?
 – Practice makes perfect, and so does experience. Just remember, most jobs you apply for you go through their training process – why should it be any different for a DJ company? A little food for thought?

18. Do you provide any planning material?
 – A DJ who has experience in weddings should have some sort of planning material for you. Plain and simple.

19. Do you ever double book yourself on the same day?
 – This should always 100% be a “No!” You want someone who is concentrating on your day, and not worrying about getting to their next paycheck.

20. Do you have a contract we both sign, and deposit requirement?
 – Make sure the DJ company offers a signed contract, to protect both parties involved. The last thing you want is to have your DJ not show up and your money spent! Most companies in this industry ask for 50% deposit – this deposit should not only hold your date, but act as first payment towards your DJ services.

Just always remember, this is your day! You can be as picky and selective as you desire. Take the time, interview different DJ companies and do not be afraid to ask as many questions are you need in order to make your decision. Understand that you are not looking for the best deal, but for the best fit.