There are so many choices for platforms to host your virtual fundraiser on and many new live-streaming platforms are popping up all the time. You can choose one or host on multiple platforms for maximum coverage. We know that switching from an in-person fundraiser to a virtual fundraiser feels scary and daunting. We want to support your journey with practical advice and tools that will address your organization’s unique needs and give you the confidence to produce a fantastic virtual event.

People all over the world already use Facebook, Instagram, Youtube so if you are looking to reach the most people, start there. They are free to host on but will lack functionality of other platforms that were created specifically for streaming, such as Streamyard and Livestream. We prefer Vimeo for its many advantages and competitive pricing.

Some business meeting platforms have also become popular for virtual fundraisers like Zoom and Webex. Zoom continues to add functions that support more interactive meetings like break outrooms, polls, and surveys. They have also added tech support for events. These platforms will not be free and pricing is usually scaleable by guest count. Some new all-in-one solutions are popping up that combine auction software and streaming such as Paybee. These platforms might make your auctioneers job easier, keeping everything on one screen.

This guide can’t cover everything so we recommend doing more research to determine what’s best for your organization. Talk to your AV company as they may be able to help stream to multiple sources.

Verducci Event Production Studio- Live Streaming Session with computer set-up and production stage set-up.
Team members at the Verducci Event Production Studio Recording A Livestream Virtual Event