During the recession money got tight and Company Holiday Parties were forced to cut back from the lavish extravaganza’s that strived each year to out-do the year before, to pot lucks in some employee’s living room.            

 (Or worse, no holiday party at all!)

They were sad, lonely, and sometimes hungry years for those of us who work in the event industry.

But now as America is pulling itself out of the recession, companies are slowly and cautiously starting to let the annual bashes start to grow again. Slowly but surely these holiday hoe-downs have finally started to out-shine the holiday parties of years past. 

So in celebration of this new found bravery and to encourage some companies who may be a little cautious still we are offering a 20% Winter Season Discount to anyone who books an event with us in the months of December and January.

So now that you have committed to have that Company Holiday Party this year it’s time to design the look and pick a theme! There are any number of amazing Holiday Party looks out there! But where to start? Well here is some inspiration for all of you to consider. Here are a few photos of some of my favorite looks for a traditional Winter Wonderland theme!








I love the fire pits with white furniture combo. 



Another look is that warm lodge feeling. 




Winter Wonderland is an awesome theme, but don’t be afraid to go with a completely different theme! Here are a couple event story boards that I put toghether that I think would make an AWESOME Company Holiday Party

Naughty or Nice


This is a really fun theme for the company with the younger age groups. Have a “Naughty” cocktail and a “Nice” cocktail, keep it classy with a red and white modern theme, and let guests decide if they have been Naughty or Nice this year! 

Nightmare Before Christmas Holiday Party


Missing Halloween already? Looking for a very creative spin on you company holiday party? (Or maybe you want to kill two birds with one stone and combine the company Halloween Party and Christmas party in November!) 

Black and Gold Christmas


A very modern take on a traditional Christmas theme. Change up the colors! I love the idea of black and gold, but if you can choose any color combo as long as you commit to it! 

Circus Holiday Party 


A fun take on a holiday party! Have carnival games, old timey popcorn carts, stilt walker entertainment, and lots of bright lights! 

Masquerade/Carnival Holiday Party


A fun and elegant party try a masquerade in Italian Carnival style! Get you co workers to dress up in their best and  wear a mask! Have costumed and masked jugglers for entertainment, feather centerpieces, and fancy food to bring this event together! 

 These are just a few suggestions, there are so many themes out there that  can really make an event astounding! Use you imagination!

For a little more inspiration check out our Pinterest page for winter holiday parties HERE