While planning your wedding, most tend to find their “childhood best friends” popping up on their Facebook with tons of advice, or even offering to help with some aspect of your special day. As fun and affordable as it sounds to have your DJ be your first high school boyfriend who use to be in a band (that only played in their parent’s garage), it may be best to pay a professional just this once.

When it comes to the many pieces of the puzzle that make up this one VERY IMPORTANT DAY, you must remember that this day happens once! You get one day to stand in front of your family and friends to proclaim your love for this other person, so why would you want to run the risk of it being ruined?

Now not to scare you, but here are a few examples of what can go wrong when we hire friends instead of professionals.  (The faint of heart may wish to avert heir eyes!) 





Don’t let this happen to you!  “Trussing” built out of random speaker stands? Outdated lights? And don’t get me started on the bright orange extension cords and power strips run haphazardly over everything.  Not exactly the picturesque background you want for your wedding photos! 






You call those speakers? Having a laptop and some computer speakers does not make you a D.J.   No amount of yellow ribbon is going to disguise your set up. And why are you sitting down?




Here we at least have a table cloth! But look at those wires!  Wires every which way is not an attractive look! 




Not the best time or place for a nap! The D.J. is a part of the team NOT a guest! (Notice the bottle of booze on the table?) A drunk uncle is one thing, a drunk D.J. is a disaster! 

And of course WORST of all: 




A piece of plastic will never be able to read a crowd like a D.J. will. 

Some examples of what could go wrong:

– People feel entitled to change the song during dancing (and they do.) 

– Pauses in between songs causes dancing to stop, and when the music stops people are less likely to dance. 

– Ipod dying could cause a delay in music and an uncomfortable silence (and of course, no dancing.) 

– An Ipod can not read the room. If the music is not inspiring people to dance then you are stuck with what you have. A d.j. can be a little more flexible. 

-With an Ipod you have to do all the work yourself which means you will have to choose 5 hours of music and the order to play 5 hours worth of music in.



Now let’s compare that to a professional D.J. set up:




The difference is clear! Don’t let your special day be ruined by a budget D.J.!